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 Online coach

Current world thanks to globalization has become a place where no distance is too large and therefore a large number of people from all over the world were able to use ONLINE COACH when cooperation is conducted remotely by email, Skype, telephone and other methods. Write on email or phone.

 Nutrition and supplementation expert advisor

How much % of success is training and how much proper diet and supplementation? 100% is training and 100% diet and if you want 100% result you should be entrusted into the hands of a professional who will create a dietary supplementation plan exactly for You.
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 Work with ordinary clientele

  • personal training for client

  • change body weight with the focus on weight reduction

  • making training plans for client

  • making diet, dietary and supplementation plans for client

  • specialized training for female problematic parts

  • compensation workload of - help with back pain

  • in the form in pregnancy and after childbirth

  • getting muscle mass and body forming of men

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     Athlets: bodybuilding, physique, bodyfitness,
                         bikini fitness, fitness

  • complete preparation for the competition (from beginners to top
        athletes who need to move on)

  • volumetric preparation

  • nutrition and supplementation advice

  • consultation hours

  • training competition posing and presentation

  • online coaching

  •  Other sports sectors

  • Fitness training focused to some sport
  • The most important factor in cooperation with the client, whether a beginner or top athlete, is the trust and empathy. Personal training can be done with face-to-face consultation, as well as remote collaboration via Skype and email and of course to fit your personal physique and needs.